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Jaguar XK8 & XKR Interiors

Jaguar XK8 & XKR Interiors provide the opportunity to buy interior components for the replacement, upgrade or enhancement of Jaguar XK8 and jaguar XKR vehicles, also known as the Jaguar X100. You can buy a steering wheel or an original equipment wood set or just a set of door cappings. All our products are available in the traditional Walnut and Elm wood veneers as well as real carbon.


We are proud to be the only Company in the world that has developed and now offers all the original jaguar XK8 and jaguar XKR components in real Carbon Fibre.

We can supply:-

A steering wheel to replace a badly worn original plain leather-bound steering wheel.

A dashboard to replace an original one with milky lacquer defective lacquer which was supplied on car manufactured 2000 – 2001.

A dashboard that has been badly affected by the elements (sunlight), which has subsequently faded and lost the clarity of the original veneer.  Or one that has moisture penetrating the edges and switch apertures causing the lacquer to yellow and lift.

A dashboard that has suffered damage as a consequence of airbag deployment and has splits and cracks.

We can supply additional items, once traditionally fitted to all jaguars as complimentary additions to your car.

Door cappings are one such example along with door inserts covering the centre of the door and handle bezels.  These are available not only in Walnut and Elm veneer, but also in Carbon Fibre and embossed leather with the unmistakable leaping jaguar motif.


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